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  • Value-added combinations...
  • Large-firm knowledge base & small-firm service...
  • Extensive legal skills & real-world experience...

Large-firm sophistication & small-firm service.

Many people look to large firms for sophistication and knowledge.  But they prefer the service of a small firm.  Celie Richardson learned her basic legal skills at a small firm headed by a former partner in a large regional firm, a prominent nationally-known litigator who insisted that his new firm adhere to the highest standards of discipline and knowledge.  She has also worked with larger firms.  

Through all of this, she has learned a lesson that is sometimes lost in today’s world.  Legal services are best provided in a personal relationship between lawyer and client, in an atmosphere of honest give-and-take, where the client’s long-term best interest is first and foremost.

Celie Richardson formed the Richardson Law Group because she wanted the flexibility to provide legal services to businesses, non-profits, and individuals in an environment that encourages...

  • strategic, innovative solutions
  • with maximum benefit to the client rather than to a firm hierarchy
  • in a cost-effective manner


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